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Grey Round Fabric Lighting Cable | 3 Core

Grey Round Fabric Lighting Cable | 3 Core

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3 core flex electrical cable round and double insulated. Flexible lighting cable with a core comprised of live, neutral and earth copper wires. Over-braided with an attractive woven rayon, polyester, jute or linen cloth sleeve.

Our super flexible 3 core cables curl and coil beautifully yet unwind easily.
Suitable for domestic and commercial indoors electricity wiring or rewiring.
Use to wire or power portable electrical appliances, pendants, table, floor, wall and ceiling light fittings.

Technical Spec:

  • Weight per Metre: 0.55kg/m
  • Safety and compliance: H03VV-F H03VVH2-F, EN 50525-2-11:2011
  • Outer Diameter: 6.6 mm
  • Bend Radius: 24 mm
  • Max Temperature: +70 ºC
  • Conductor Size: 0.75 mm² per core
  • Maximum Weight Load: 3 kg
  • Insulation: Double PVC
  • Origin: EU
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